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Brad Hogg headlines Moora Chamber Sundowner

Tanya Gilbert and Brad Hogg

Australian cricket legend Brad Hogg recently joined the local farming and business community in Moora for a special sundowner event, hosted by the Moora Chamber of Commerce and Grain Producers Australia (GPA).

As GPA’s National Mental Health Ambassador, Brad Hogg’s visit was timed to coincide with the end of this year’s seeding program, offering local farmers and community members an opportunity to connect and de-stress. The sundowner, held at Moora Performing Arts Centre, provided a platform for Hogg to share his personal and professional journey, focusing on mental health.

Julie Walsh, Chair of Moora Chamber of Commerce, said, “The purpose of the evening was to highlight the teamwork that is all of us working to a common end — to have each other’s backs, and to know that we’re all there to connect with for support, advice and help when it’s needed.

“Brad was able to link in his experiences, such as how he handled rejection each time he was dropped from the team, and his own application of resilience. He also spoke about the importance of having a cricketing culture that allowed them to all speak to each other as equals.”

The event was part of GPA’s Farming Mates Mental Health initiative, supported by NuFarm, Rural Aid, GrainGrowers, and Lifeline. This initiative aims to raise awareness about mental health and reduce stigmas through community events and professional support from Rural Aid’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.

For GPA Chair Barry Large, providing an opportunity for farmers to take time out through gatherings like these was paramount. “Farmers often respond to challenges by working harder, but this is not sustainable for mental health. Events like this allow everyone to take a break, have a chat, and support each other.”

More than just a welcome break however, Moora Chamber of Commerce sundowner events are crucial for establishing connections between various business operators in Moora. These events welcome new businesses, celebrate milestones, and foster an understanding of different trades within the community.

“All business and corporate individuals contribute to the success and wellbeing of our village,” said Julie. “Farmers are a highly regarded part of our business entities, and we recognise their valuable contributions.

“I would also like to acknowledge the Chamber Committee – all volunteers – for their willingness to be proactive for the benefit of all, and to thank Paul Rumbold for his ideas and organisation of this evening.”