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Moora CRC keeps community connected during COVID-19

Cynthia McMorran, Ailsa Stonehouse, Joan Brassington and Christine Johnson

Pre-COVID, “Stay on Your Feet” exercises, were held at the Delmoor centre on Thursdays. When COVID came around and we were put into lockdown the Delmoor centre had to close.

Moora Community Resource centre were wondering how we could continue to look out for these participants — we knew that some of our target audience wouldn’t be able to “Zoom” in to anything online. We decided to turn stay on your feet virtual, but in a way our participants could receive it. We did this by making up packs that included two sheets of exercises, one to be completed each week at the regular stay on your feet time and the latest “Community Connections” newsletters to keep them informed.

The packs were delivered directly to participants and were also available for pick up at the Moora Community Resource Centre.
Moora CRC did this because we didn’t want people in our community feeling lonely or neglected during these times and we wanted to encourage them to stay connected and keep active. The packs also included tea/coffee bags and the contact details of the other participants, then we encouraged them to sit down after their exercises, have a cup of tea or coffee and call each other. So this way it resembled their normal Stay on Your Feet get together, including the social aspect.

Moora CRC Manager Nicole Reichelt said, “We couldn’t help everyone, but we thought if we started by assisting the people we knew, we could at least be making a difference.”

Moora CRC trainee Danielle Fallon said, “If everyone does their little bit, we can accomplish a lot as a community.”

With restrictions now easing the Moora CRC hosted a tea party for the participants as we felt they would be keen to get out of the house! Following COVID-19 regulations, we used this tea party as an opportunity to encourage participants to re-engage with the community and return to what is the new normal, as some people have been hesitant to leave the house.

The tea party was a great success and the participants had a wonderful time. They told us this was a brilliant idea, and they loved receiving their packs.

Christine Johnson said, “It made me feel like I was a part of something and I loved receiving my pack on my front porch.”
“A big thank you for all that you ladies do, it’s really appreciated,” said Ailsa Stonehouse.

A few weeks later we hosted a second tea party!

With the COVID restrictions lifting even more, we were able to invite a few more people. This party went equally as well and all involved felt it was important to have these tea parties to help promote safe social gatherings.

Moora CRC is honoured to be able to assist members of our community and is glad to be a part of keeping people connected, especially during recent times.