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Just one year…


If you had just one year to resolve your health issues, what would you do?

Would you throw your despairing hands in the air and say ‘it’s impossible’?

Would you enrol in a 12-week challenge?

Would you use a medication, a surgery, or a supplement?
Would you buy a self help book?

Would you join a class?

Would you look for a guru to follow?

Would you find the healthiest person you know and ask them what they do?

What else might you do?

Our national health crisis is not really about ambulance ramping, hospitals or access to a GP – in my opinion. Any of us, of course, might have an individual crisis needing an ambulance, a hospital, or a GP consult. And, undoubtedly, some of us have health conditions requiring professional help.

But the national health situation continues unabated despite yearly increases in government health system expenditure. For example two thirds of us are overweight or obese, and 94% of us don’t eat our vegetables.

I’m convinced we have a national belief crisis. We have been hoodwinked into thinking that our bodies don’t know how to heal. We have acquiesced to ‘getting old’.

Somehow, we have been beguiled into believing that our health is someone else’s responsibility; the recently mandated medical procedures could only occur where it was generally recognised that somebody else was responsible for our health. Most pointedly, we have abandoned the old wisdom that ‘we reap what we sow.’ And yes, certainly there are exceptions.

What would change if we believed that we, individually, were responsible for our wellbeing? What would we ask of our health professionals? What would we ingest? When would we rest? How would we exercise? What would we demand from government? Who would we blame?
What could change if we believed our bodies know how to heal? What would we sow if we knew we could reap a vitality that freed us to live up to our dreams.

If you had one year to resolve your health related issues, what would you do?

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