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Is movement the most important thing of all?

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels

Is movement the most important thing of all?

Possibly not. But very high on my ‘most important things’ list, is movement.

For babies and toddlers, movement is part of creating the very ability to think! It continues to be crucial for their developing brain. It’s unsurprising then that we celebrate each tiny new ability our kids develop. The older we get, the more important movement is to survive and to thrive. For example the change in someone who has just had a hip replacement can be profound. In between young and old, we might tend to take movement for granted.

Unless we are in pain.

In pain, movement limitations are confronting. They interfere with our work, our play, our sleep, our socialising, our intimacy, our headspace, our finances, our creativity… In chronic pain, movement gets shut down to a life-curbing extent. Painful loss of movement can be both frightening and genuinely disruptive.

This is why movement is such a key element at nyuü! Chiropractic. Alignment, structural integrity, strength, coordination, ergonomics, and quality movement are critical elements of your well-functioning body. We focus on optimising the mechanical systems of your body, so you can enjoy your life to the full.

One of the things I love most about living in Australia is our focus on sport and on outdoor leisure. We have the perfect environment to practice and improve movement. It doesn’t matter so much how we do it. Gardening or glamping, swimming or skating, hiking or horse riding, dancing or d…you get it. It matters a lot that we keep moving, and that we move well.

Should you need help with pain, or with movement, give us a call at nyuü! Chiropractic. We’re here to help.