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What is chiropractic?


The ancient Egyptians practiced spinal manipulation. In 1895 modern Chiropractic was catapulted into existence by a discovery: Adjusting the bones of the spine to improve how they function can have a profound effect on human wellbeing. This is what chiropractors do. Way back then nobody understood why it helps so much. 125 years of scientific and clinical research has helped us understand why enhancing spine function is so important.

First, Chiropractic enhances nerve function. Nerve function is essential to every aspect of our lives. Nerves reach every organ and tissue in our bodies. An unimaginable network of nerves sends information to and from the brain, which controls everything. The brain and spinal cord are shielded within a flexing bone structure – the skull and spinal column. (Yes, even the skull bones move with every breath you take!) Your information superhighway – your nerve system – can function optimally when your spine functions at its’ best. When the spine is not functioning adequately you might experience anything from feeling fuzzy headed or dizzy, to headaches, numbness, weakness, discoordination, abdominal pain, incontinence, or raging pain down your legs.

Second, Chiropractic enhances your whole body’s mechanical function – beginning with the spine. The spine is like the chassis of your car – if bent out of shape, no amount of wheel alignment could possibly restore high-performance. If spinal malfunction is a problem, spinal correction is the solution. To optimise all movement, your power delivery, and locomotion systems, you require a spine-chassis at your core that is functioning up to specifications.

Third, Chiropractic has an ‘inside-out’ philosophical element. Your body, given the resources it needs, is able to heal itself. It works from the “inside out.” The human body has its own self-optimising wisdom. This perspective undergirds Chiropractic work. We respectfully work with a person and their body, rather than overpower the body with our own partial understanding of what is best. We utilise all we’ve discovered through the scientific study of health and fitness. And we humbly recognise that as yet, we are far from matching the inbuilt self-optimising-wisdom of the human body.

So, what is chiropractic? Chiropractic is a way of respectfully working with your body’s own wisdom to facilitate healing and to maximise your potential. Central to chiropractic care, Chiropractors work to adjust the spine, unlocking your amazing potential.