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Watermelon, rocket and feta salad


This layered salad looks great in a glass bowl with some watermelon stars for effect.

You’ll need:
• Approx 1 kilo of watermelon
• 250 gm Marinated feta in oil (we used Borello)
• 200gm Rocket leaves
• Walnuts (make sure they’re WA grown)
• Wooden kebab skewers and star shaped cookie cutter and a melon baller

Step 1: Cut one or two large slices of watermelon, approx 1 cm thick, and set aside. Ball the rest of the melon with a melon baller.
Step 2: Arrange the melon balls, then rocket, then feta and walnuts in layers depending on the height and size of your vessel. added some of the oil from the feta to each layer.
Step 3: Cut watermelon slices with a star shaped cookie cutter and slide stars onto skewers alternating with feta squares. (I left some without feta for kids/non-feta eaters).
Step 4: Arrange skewers in salads and serve. Keeps in the fridge for a few hours, but best served immediately. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar if you like.