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Beetroot Kvass


To make Beetroot Kvass:

Use organic beetroot, wash well and leave the skin on (it contains valuable nutrients, bacteria and yeasts). Cut beetroot into 2 cm pieces and make a brine using 1 tablespoon sea salt (not cooking salt) to 3 cups water.

Put the beetroot into a very clean jar and cover with the brine with the lid on, but not done up tight.. Leave to ferment in a dark place. Check after a few days, but it can take up to a week to begin fermenting.

To speed the process up, some lacto-fermented pickle or kraut juice can be added or whey (from strained yoghurt) can be added. Other herbs and spices can also be added if desired.
It is ready when it tastes good – it will be earthy and salty with a bit of a tang. Keep in the fridge once it has fermented to taste and drink like a tonic, just a small glass per day to boost your immune function and cleanse the body internally.