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The Enduring Charm of Fox Hunting on Horseback in Western Australia

Jahna Trethowan – Field Master - Lake Hunt WA

Jahna Trethowan

Having grown up heavily involved in Pony Club and Eventing through my teenage years, transitioning to fox hunting on horseback marked a significant shift in my equestrian pursuits, driven by a love of spending time with my horse and a desire for tradition, nature, and community.

While Eventing offered competition and technical challenges, fox hunting provided a deeper connection to heritage and the natural world. Jumping is always optional, which means this wonderful sport is suitable for everyone.   Whilst some riders love to jump over fallen logs or pop over small drains, many others prefer a more sedate pace with no jumping.   Lake Hunt WA riders’ range in age from 12 to over 80.

Being part of a hunt means you have approval to ride across privately-owned country that you’d never have access to without the land-owner’s permission. There is nothing quite like being in a big group of horses, riding across beautiful countryside, negating water obstacles and all sorts of different terrain. It’s adrenalin-fuelled, great fun and completely magical. Camping under the stars after a meal at a hidden gem of a country pub, followed by sharing warm, spiced wine before the hunt, is all part of the fun.

Bonding with my horse in pursuit of the fox became a dynamic and fulfilling experience. Joining a hunt fostered a sense of camaraderie and belonging, honouring the legacy of equestrianism while embracing a timeless tradition. The coordination between hounds, huntsman, and riders requires quick thinking and adaptability, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to each hunt.

In essence, this transition enriched my riding journey, offering new adventures and meaningful connections within a supportive community.