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There are very few people out there who haven’t sat down and binged on a TV series over the course of a weekend or a week off work. There’s something almost gluttonous about it, knowing that it is the pinnacle of time wasting but it’s so very satisfying nonetheless. DVDs, especially those of TV series, are extremely popular here at the Bindoon Library and so here is a list of series that I highly recommend (and are all available to borrow, for free with your membership).

Taboo – Set in 1814, this dark and gritty drama starring Tom Hardy, Jonathon Pryce, and Jessie Buckley follows the return of James Delaney to London after ten years exiled to Africa. Between battles with the East India Company over the family business, muddying the waters of the war between Britain and America, and attempting to reconnect with his sister, Delaney finds a use for everyone he comes across. The acting is superb, the pacing is varied, and it has just enough of a hint of the supernatural to keep things interesting but to not pull you away from the plot.

Justified – With an almost modern day cowboy feel, Justified is the story of Raylan Givens, a US Marshall who skirts the rules and is reassigned to his old home town in backwater Kentucky. Timothy Olyphant leads the cast (admirably supported by Nick Searcy and Walter Goggins) and gives a charming and entertaining performance. It’s far from a quiet, country posting, and Raylan must bring his unique brand of justice to drug lords, Neo-Nazis, and his own father, who has a shady, criminal past.

Stargate Atlantis – If you’re a sci-fi nerd then you’ve probably watched Stargate SG1, and as much as I loved the show, its sister spinoff, Atlantis, is what really captured my heart. A small contingent of military and civilian personnel embark on a one way trip through the ‘gate to visit the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. Fun and action packed, the expedition members face space vampires, hostile aliens, and sometimes even threats from within. The dialogue is witty and sharp, especially between leads Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett, and the science is a mixture of sci-fi camp with just enough real physics mixed in to make you wonder if travel between galaxies might one day be possible.

Sherlock – As a huge Conan Doyle fan, I was very much looking forward to the modern day take on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and this did not disappoint. Sherlock is a high functioning sociopath who creates the role of Consulting Detective to help out Scotland Yard. John Watson is an injured medical doctor back from Afghanistan who needs a flat mate. Sherlock immediately puts Watson’s skills to use during a case investigating serial suicides and the two not only work well together, but they soon form an unlikely friendship. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman own the roles and with an award winning supporting cast consisting of Rupert Graves, Mark Gatiss, and Andrew Scott, these movie length 90 minute episodes will keep you guessing until the end.