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Sustainable living presentations with Earth Girl, Karla Hooper


The Northern Valleys Locavore Store is thrilled to be hosting a series of presentations throughout 2021 with Karla Hooper, aka Earth Girl!

Karla has gained a huge following with her quest to live a more sustainable life, and many would have seen her zero waste lifestyle featured on TV, read her blog or followed her on social media. Karla is also a highly sought after public speaker, and loves to share what she has learned through workshops and demonstrations.

“My passion is finding simple, effective and convenient solutions for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth,” says Karla, who currently lives in the Perth Hills with her partner Brett and an ever expanding menagerie of animals, which includes dogs, chooks and Clydesdale horses (she also has a camel!).

In 2010 Karla quit her corporate job to travel Australia to learn about using camels as a sustainable form of transportation. A two year adventure of remote locations, catching camels from the wild and working as a cameleer in Central Australia, followed. This was the real beginning of Karla’s journey to reconnect with the earth and find her true purpose.

“I have now dedicated my life to working with the Earth to find, share and inspire solutions for living in better harmony, returning balance and respect.

My mission is to find simple solutions that are practical for everyday people living westernised lives,” says Karla.
If you would like to live with less impact on the earth, improve your health by knowing exactly what ingredients you use daily in/on your body and around your home, and increase your skills and knowledge by learning to make your own products from scratch – join the workshop series at the Locavore Store!

Karla will be at the Autumn Equinox Garden Day on 20 March at 29 Binda Place, Bindoon talking about the workshops and what she plans to teach.

You can register your interest with Karla on the day or by emailing karla@karlahooper.com. You can also leave you email address on the register at the Northern Valleys Locavore Store or call 0480 235 274.