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Sabrina at the Chittering Wildflower Festival

Sabria Hahn, Garden Guru
Sabria Hahn, Garden Guru

As this is the 20th Anniversary of the Wildflower Festival we wanted to acknowledge the work done over 19 years by volunteers with the passion and enthusiasm to contribute to the event – and who better to promote the weekend celebrations than our special guest Sabrina Hahn, with her sense of fun, enthusiasm, passion and love of all things gardening and the importance of being outdoors.

Her love of gardening began as a small child when at the age of four she stripped flowers and foliage from her grandmother’s garden to create miniature gardens in her Nan’s baking trays! Since the start of Sabrina’s ABC talkback radio programme in 1985 her lively character and charismatic manner has had listeners entertained and educated on all
things gardening.

Sabrina tells about growing up in the bush and her love of doing country gigs is that it brings back wonderful memories of playing in the bush as a kid, the sense of freedom and adventure that comes from being in the great outdoors where every day different aspects of nature unfold.

With five children in the family the sanity of her mother was saved by sending the kids outside in all weather where making waterproof cubbies became second nature.

“Kids need to scrape knees, fall off logs, swing from tree branches and make their own fun. Send your kids outside and they will discover a whole new world that only they can create, sit with them around a campfire, take a bushwalk, let them play in puddles and throw rocks. It’s fun and free to all” says Sabrina Sabrina’s devotion to gardening includes travelling to the Kimberley region of Western Australia to assist in setting up edible gardens in remote communities whilst also working with woman elders to grow bush tucker plants so that traditional knowledge can be passed onto the next generation through to her travel to Mediterranean countries lecturing and leading tours to gain and share her
knowledge with the West Australian community.

The Chittering Tourist Association extends its thanks to Anspach Ag, Ace Electrics, Haydon Agricultural Contractors and Cabassi Realty for their generous donations to assist in
bringing Sabrina to Bindoon and to Clair Medhurst for putting in a good word for us.

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