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Individualized Heart Health Acupuncture Clinic now available in Moora


Dr Jerzy Dyczynski (George) is a highly qualified acupuncturist, medical doctor and scientist who has over 30 years medical experience; initially as a medical physician and cardiologist, before graduating in Traditional Chinese Medicine during the early 1990’s in Beijing, China. Since immigrating to Perth in 2007
Dr Dyczynski has been practising as a holistic medical acupuncturist and wellness medicine doctor. He has also undertaken significant medical research
in heart-brain medicine at the Edith Cowan University and has published two books focused on health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as significant scientific papers. Dr Jerzy designs each treatment individually considering the Cardio Stress Imaging, personal genetic profiling, evidence based and holistic approach.

His medical tools are the proactive health counselling, medical acupuncture, moxybustion, special respiratory muscle training/oxygenation techniques, and
individual cardio training and holistic lifestyle interventions. Dr Dyczynski has been travelling to Moora on a regular basis to offer his services to local clients.
If you would like to learn more about his practises please come along to the public lecture on Thursday 20 July 2017 at 6 pm at Jeanne d’Moore. For more information or to book an individual appointment please call Dr George on 0411 596 459 or email: dr.george@hotmail.com.au

Health Benefits of Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the ancient, traditional and holistic Chinese Medicine approach to health. The ancient technique of acupuncture consists of inserting of
acupuncture needles in the special points on the body to guide the spontaneous healing process. Acupuncture reinforces the breathing and improves oxygenation of the body. Medical acupuncture is used in combination with Pilates, Yoga or Qigong, the traditional Chinese gymnastics. The ancient traditional Chinese medicine physicians found 12 regular meridians: 6 of them go down from top to bottom, from “heaven to earth”, they are named “yang meridians”, since heaven is absolute yang. The yang category includes the moving, active and governing energy. Yang is associated with the aspects of masculine, with motion, with light and fire.

The other 6 meridians go from bottom to top, from the “earth to heaven”. They are known as the “yin meridians”. The category of yin refers to the passive and
receiving aspects of energy, with the feminine, with darkness, with water and earth.