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World’s Greatest Shave 2022

Lilanie and Lillian Meyer

Each year, The Leukaemia Foundation hosts The World’s Greatest Shave to raise funds to search for a cure for blood cancers. Over 110,000 Australians are affected by these types of cancers every year, and taking part in The World’s Greatest Shave is the ultimate act of solidarity to stand by them. Participants either shave, cut, or colour their hair and the main event happens during the week of 16-20 March (though you can participate year round).

Four Northern Valleys locals joined Team Chittering this year, raising just under their goal of $1500. Christopher Brandon shaved his head; mother and daughter team, Lilanie and Lilian Myers, shaved and coloured respectively; and Bindoon Library Officer and Team Captain, Annie Hudson, shaved off her signature coloured hair.

Annie Hudson

“Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, an in-person event could not be held so each team member shaved or coloured at home,” says Annie. “Despite this, the support from the local community has been amazing with people donating and giving us their well-wishes.”

Christopher Brandon

Although blood cancer isn’t as common as breast, lung, skin, or bowel cancer, many people within Chittering have been either directly or indirectly affected by it. “Hearing from the numerous people whose own lives have been touched by the various blood cancers really just reiterates why we took part,” says Annie. “The Leukaemia Foundation have a goal of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035 and if this can help even a little to achieve that, then it makes it all worth it. After all, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back!”

Although the event has finished, donations to the team can still be received by going to http://my.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/teamchittering.