The Gingin Super Seals celebrated the end of season on 30 March with time trials and a sausage sizzle followed by presentations in which the club thanked Fran at Gingin Aquatic Centre for her ongoing support during the season.

President Jason Brady, on behalf of the committee, thanked parents for taking the time to help on the evening and for their ongoing support of their swimmers and club this season.
Jason also congratulated the Super Seals on successfully competing in regional meets for 2022.

Hope Kavanagh was chosen for the 2022 WA Country Team to attend Swimming WA camps and training in Perth during the season. “Congratulations on fantastic personal achievements. Our swimmers have continued to achieve personal bests against tough competition,” Jason said.

Coach Beck Foulkes-Taylor thanked the swimmers and said, “I have enjoyed witnessing your success and progress at carnivals, competitions, and championship events.”

Beck also reminded swimmers that every day is an opportunity for you, the swimmer, to become a better version of yourself. Even if you don’t see progress right away, it will happen if you stay coachable, remain humble, work hard, be patient, keep learning, show respect and most of all don’t stay in your comfort zone. Always look outside the box and you will accomplish what you are working towards. It is only a matter of time.

To quote a swimmer from the USA, “We can agree that swimming is one of the more ridiculous sports out there? You can’t breathe for most of it, it requires full body strength, and most of the time you must wear a layer of latex that moulds to your scalp to keep your hair out of your face!

“And yet, for some reason you chose this sport over soccer, basketball, dancing and gymnastics. You spent your afternoons at training and part of weekends at swim meets, as well as constantly smelling like chlorine while also wearing tight swimsuits to achieve your goals this year. It’s considered an individual sport, but you train and compete with a team and as our team spirit grows at each competition, the friends you make in the pool will be swimming friends for life.”

All Gingin Super Seals swimmers deserve recognition and acknowledgement for their individual and team achievements this season.

Junior Development recipients: Coach’s Achievement, Bonnie Wiltshire and Toby Phillips; Most Improved, Cameron Johnson; Most Outstanding, Cooper Richards.

Development recipients: Most Improved, Amelia Mossing; Most Outstanding, Lilli Phillips.

Junior Competitive recipients: Coaches Achievement, Sophie Tennant; Most Improved, Romi Oxley; Most Outstanding, Emmeline Brady

Competitive recipients: Most Outstanding Female, Ebony White; Most Outstanding Male, Todd Gavlik.

Overall Club Champion is awarded to a swimmer who shows outstanding performances and team spirit during the season. For 2022 it was a unanimous decision to award this to Ebby Oxley. Ebby is an outstanding swimmer, who has proven hard work pays off. She continued to show dedication to the sport, determination and shone bright at competitions with some incredible results.