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What’s the difference?


Fiction and non-fiction. Books and audiobooks. Romance and thrillers. These are all concepts that most people are familiar with. The world of books and reading is expanding at an exponential rate though and it’s easy to get confused by terms that are relatively new or obscure. Here are just a few that you might come across in your search for the perfect book.

Autobiography vs Biography vs Memoir: Whilst all of these focus on telling the story of a person’s life, there are distinct differences. An autobiography is generally a chronological recounting of the author’s life whereas a biography is the recounting of the same chronological story but is written by someone else. A memoir is a more emotive telling of a particular story and doesn’t generally have that chronological or fact based format.

Comic Books vs Manga: While both of these formats can be generalised as graphic novels, comic books and manga have more differences than similarities. While comic books evolved in America, manga has its roots in Japanese art. Almost exclusively published in black and white, manga are published either as books or as weekly serial. Comics are published as a magazine and are bright and colourful. Manga are the vision of one author or creative team whereas comics can be published as runs or different narrative arcs by various teams, sometimes leading to continuity errors within the universe.

Young Adult JF vs Young Adult F: As a small library, we simply don’t have the space to have our own dedicated YA section which means that they’re shelved in with the other fiction books. You’ll find though that some are shelved with the Junior Fiction books and some with the Adult Fiction books. Why? Simply put, Young Adult books straddle two worlds and are classified to denote the upper and lower reading ages of the sections. YA:JF are books suitable for kids aged between 12-14 years and are found in the Junior Fiction section while YA:F is for older teens aged 15-18 years and are shelved with the Adult Fiction. Of course, just because these books are classified as Young Adult, doesn’t mean that adults of any age can’t enjoy them!

Audiobook vs Podcast: Both of these are very popular audio mediums of entertainment but they are vastly different to one another. An audiobook is either a full or abridged recording of a book that is almost always available in a different format (such as book or serial). Physical audiobooks are stocked by most libraries and digital audiobooks are available through eResources. A podcast is episodic and can take a variety of formats such as a round-table discussion, discussing the latest news, or even recounting the step by step ways in which a serial killer was caught. Podcasts are accessed exclusively online.