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What is middle age?


Middle age is the space between being young, and being old. Definitions vary. Is it between 35 and 65, or between 40 and 60? This is my working definition of middle age: You know that you’re not old yet, but you realise you can no longer presume on your body.

When you had baby teeth, you could possibly get away with not cleaning them very well – there was another set of teeth coming. While you are 18 you can probably burn off three pizzas and a litre of Coke without getting fat. If you’re playing hard at 25, your muscles, your liver, your bones, your…you recovers so fast that you seem almost bullet proof.

At some point, however, you become aware that while you’re definitely not yet old, you can’t continue to treat your body this way and expect a great result.

Some of us realise later than others.

To achieve and maintain your potential, you realise it is time to give yourself some careful attention:
• Your teeth get cleaned and flossed; the dentist is your friend.
• ‘Sometimes foods’ are eaten sometimes; vegies fill most of your plate.
• You balance ‘up-time’ and ‘down-time;’ candles burned at both ends finish faster.
• You deliberately use mental skill and effort to live consciously; beliefs, values, thoughts, and choices determine your life, so you don’t outsource them to media or blame what’s past.
• You get moving more because you discover that moving freely is precious; you use it rather than lose it.
• You ensure that people matter more than things; relationships and contribution make life more worthwhile.
• You enjoy the fact that you are still moving toward the prime of life; it’s only your physical prime you have passed.

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