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Vital questions


It’s well known that libraries have evolved over the years; we’re not ‘just books’ now, but social and community hubs, with a wide range of services. We are however still a source of information and although many don’t use their local libraries for research purposes anymore, we are still a place where people come and ask questions. Sometimes, these questions can be a little bit out there. Here are our favourites that have left us deep in thought, scratching our heads, or having a bit of a chuckle, and the answers that we came up with.

Is sign language considered a ‘real’ language?
According to the Oxford Dictionary, language is ‘the principal method of human communication, consisting of words used in a structured and conventional way and conveyed by speech, writing, or gesture’ so sign language most definitely counts as a ‘real’ language.

Well what about Morse Code? Is that a language?
No, Morse code is an encoding system and as it doesn’t have its own vocabulary and grammatical rules it isn’t considered a language.

What’s the difference between cake and brownies? (I was asked this by a five year old)
The difference is mostly due to texture. Cakes are light and fluffy, whilst brownies are more dense and fudgy, which is due mostly to the ratio of raising agent used. Brownies are often described as being closer to a biscuit than a cake.

Where is the cemetery in Wannamal?
0.4 km north of Wannamal West Road on the western side of railway line (within Gingin Shire). There are six people buried there, four of whom are children, though the location of the graves is unknown. In 1997 the community erected a memorial plaque at the cemetery to commemorate those buried there.

What’s the phone number for Super Cheap Auto in Midland?
Yes, we are often used in lieu of the White Pages. For anyone wondering, it’s 9274 5422.

What’s the name of that book? You know the one, they spoke about it on the telly the other night. It’s by that guy… you know, who writes those books. It’s about a detective, I think. Or was it a lawyer? Sherriff? Ooh, no, I think he’s a spy.
Um… okay, let’s have a Google and see what we can find.

Where’s Wally?
Don’t look now but he’s behind you!

Why don’t our farmers look like this? (points to the cover of any rural romance novel).

We have no idea but it is a travesty.

So, whether or not we know the answer, or can even find the answer, we’re always happy to try. It’s kind of what we do.