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Ten years of service for Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association

Swan Hills MLA Jessica Shaw, BRRA Vice President Anne Janes, President Anne Sibbel, Annette Livesey representing Christian Porter, Federal Member for Pearce and then City of Swan Mayor David Lucas at the opening of the Bullsbrook Heritage Trail in 2019.

Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association (BRRA) are this year celebrating ten years of advocating for the Bullsbrook community. It was an occasion due to be marked at the Bullsbrook Country Fair in April this year, however the event was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19.

BRRA was established to address concerns about a lack of a central point of contact for community concerns. Previous groups, such as the Bullsbrook Progress Association and Advance Bullsbrook had folded, and with a growing population the need to form a link between various community groups, the City of Swan and other organisations was strong.

BRRA aims to make representation to all levels of government on issues affecting the Bullsbrook community, promote the interests of residents and ratepayers and bring about civic improvements in the Bullsbrook district.

Then North Ward Councillor and now Mayor of City of Swan Kevin Bailey addressed the first BRRA meeting, giving it his full endorsement.
“There had been several groups formed in the past, but all seem to burn out because there were never enough members to carry the load,” said Mayor Bailey.

The team spirit of BRRA ensured they did not falter like groups before them and the fact that they are still going strong after a decade is a testament to their success.

“We have a core group of dedicated people who share a common goal of working within the community for the good of the community,” said Vice President Anne Janes. “Whilst the committee works behind the scenes in the official running of the group, it is so good to see lots of people come out to support the many events that BRRA has managed to put on over the years.

“Cr Kevin Bailey’s comments from the first meeting still ring true today — the association is only as strong as its membership.”

Amenity, environmental protection and road safety have been some of the important issues that BRRA has encouraged the City of Swan to fight for — by holding developers to account for their actions, even if it means doing it in court via the State Administrative Tribunal. These are issues that continue to be persistent in the community and ones we should not become complacent about in the years to come.

President Anne Sibbel agrees, “Rapid growth is occurring in Bullsbrook and there are many issues that will impact the lives of its residents over the coming years. Whether it be housing and industrial developments, extractive and landfill industries and commercial growth, we must remain vigilant.”

“It has been very important to protect amenity to ensure that our ‘rural’ quality of life is not damaged and that the environment is protected as much as possible,” said Mrs Janes. “Growth means that some aspects of rural living can be lost, however it is important to retain a balance so that the community can enjoy improved facilities whilst trying to retain the character of Bullsbrook that we know and love.”

BRRA has assisted greatly in the formation of community groups such as Bullsbrook Museum and Bullsbrook Community Garden by helping with the set up and financial requirements until they can become independent.

“One of the most important roles of BRRA has been to develop good working relationships between the City of Swan, Bullsbrook College, RAAF Pearce, councillors, State and Federal Government representatives and development companies who are working in Bullsbrook and making an impact on our everyday lives,” said Mrs Sibbel.

“BRRA has worked hard to gain respect by dealing with the facts rather than relying on hearsay. Our opinions are sought by all of these organisations. This has helped greatly through decision making processes and importantly when organising wonderful community events such as the Bullsbrook Country Fair, Carols by Candlelight and free movie nights.

“We’re proud of our community and love what we do, so seem to be able to always find energy and enthusiasm to draw on when it’s needed.
“We extend our sincere thanks to all who have played their part in the successful ten years of BRRA. We have achieved a lot together and look forward to many more years of working together for the good of the Bullsbrook community.”