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Pride of place on the shelf


I am a huge believer in that representation matters and I have made it a goal of mine to expand our collection of books here at the Bindoon Library to be much more diverse. As we’re a non-selecting public library (which means SLWA purchase our books for us), I’m somewhat restricted by my small local stock budget and the limited shelf space available to me but I do my best. I’m especially proud of my LGBTQI+ range and as we celebrate International Pride Month in June here, I’ll be showcasing our range of items available.

Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

Code Red by N R Walker: Australian author, N R Walker is a powerhouse in the M/M romance business, and Code Red is a fan favourite. It delves into the grimmer side of the entertainment industry, following the manager of a boy band who falls for one of the stars (don’t worry – they may be classed as a boy band but they’re in their twenties). It explores the pressure placed on entertainers, the lack of privacy, the demands of record labels, and the struggle Maddox – the bad boy of the band – has with a panic disorder. Sweet and fluffy, this is a fun read despite the heavy topics.

The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss: I’ve recommended this book many, many times in the past because it is one of my fave books ever. Set in the early 1900s, bisexual disaster, Lucifer Box, is by day a passingly adequate portraitist and by night, a spy for His Majesty. In between trying to snag the affections of one Miss Bella Pok and investigating the deaths of several vulcanologists and a missing secret agent, he stumbles across a plot to end the world. Teaming up with the impertinent and delicious Charlie Jackpot, Lucifer must travel to the ruined city of Pompeii to save the day, mixing business with a fair amount of pleasure as he does so.

Girls at the Edge of the World by Laura Robson: A dystopian future, an apocalyptic flood, political intrigue, and a slow burn friends-to-lovers F/F romance between the two main characters and you have yourself a young adult novel with a 4.06 star rating on Goodreads. This book focusses more on the plot than the romance so if you’re not hugely into romance, then don’t skip this book just because of it.

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea by Kai Cheng Thom: This is a beautiful children’s picture book filled with vibrant watercolour pictures about the unconditional love between mother and child. Challenging gender, racial, and body stereotypes, the story follows a gender fluid, non-binary child as they try to find acceptance within a world that sees them as different.

The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA by A J Sherwood: I couldn’t not include this book on this list because it is just So. Much. Fun. When Ross starts working the night shift at a servo, he thinks life will be boring. One explosion caused by a supernatural creature later and he suddenly finds himself as the personal assistant to Glenn, a sexy vampire who just happens to be the clan leader of an eclectic bunch of supernats. This is a low angst, hilarious, easy read that will guarantee to have you chuckling.