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Poetry in motion


The year four students at Bullsbrook College have been studying the art of poetry during term four, with their learning culminating in a poetry recital for their families on Friday 29 November.

Individual classes enthusiastically recited the classic poems The Man from Ironbark by Banjo Patterson, Macavity: The Mystery Cat by TS Elliot, and Sick by Shel Silverstein – fantastic choices for engaging their audience with both drama and humour and giving the students a great opportunity to showcase their new skills in expression and presenting the language of poetry.

Teacher Alison Smith explained, “When we were planning our lessons around poetry for this term, we realised how important it is that poetry should be something that is performed, not just read.”

Students were also able to put their parent’s poetry writing skills to the test as part of a small group activity where they worked together to construct a limerick, haiku and quatrain-style poem which had been the focus of the year four’s study this term.
“It was wonderful to see the students transferring their skills by working with their parents to write different styles of poetry. Knowledge is consolidated in the best way by teaching a newly learned skill to somebody else!” said teacher Nicole Nell.
Fellow year four teacher Sarah Munro agrees.

“It was a great opportunity to involve the wonderfully supportive parent body of our year 4 cohort, and to emphasise to the children the cultural value poetry. We were incredibly proud of the students and of how hard they worked to bring it all together on the day.”