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Meet the butchers behind the scenes at the Bindoon IGA


If you’ve noticed a wider variety of meats and specialty cuts on offer at the local Bindoon IGA lately – it’s the work of the two butchers behind the scenes – Dave Green and Jesse Ludke. Along with Jesse’s wife Monique, who helps with the prep and packaging, the pair have been hard at work expanding the range of cuts available and keeping the shelves stocked with ready-to-cook options.

“Dave’s specialty is chicken,” says co-owner Sam Sangalli. “We are boning and prepping all the chicken right here onsite as well as freshly roasting the cooked chooks each day,” he says. “Chicken is a growth area and one in which Dave has a lot of expertise,” says Sam. The red meat section has also been a
priority and Sam points out the rich red colour of the meat on his shelves. “In a lot of supermarkets you’ll see the meat looks a slightly grey colour – it’s been vacuum sealed to make it last longer. Because our meat is fresh, you can see the ‘bloom’ or oxygenated red colour. You can see it’s a better product,” says Sam.

The butcher team at the IGA may not be visable as yet, but Sam urges customers to ask any staff member or knock on the ‘cool room’ door if they have a special request or want assistance. “We’re always happy to help customers with specific cuts or orders!” says Dave. “With our store open from 8am to 7pm every day the butchers may not be onsite all the time, but customers have the convenience of being able to purchase fresh meat whenever we’re open,” said Sam. Jesse and Monique, who have a young family, moved to Bindoon from Merredin earlier this year along with the new IGA owners, family Brett and Rhonda McNabb together with daughter Cindy and her husband Sam Sangalli.