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Mangoes, citrus and potatoes under study


West Midlands Group’s Northern Valleys Project is developing three case studies specifically focused on mango, potato and citrus industries in the Dandaragan, Gingin and Chittering Shires to bolster market development and better support growers. Project manager Carolina Brander said Southern Mango Growers Group members were keen to secure information on marketing and different strategies to enable greater penetration and sales in the local market, as well as exploring the possibilities and challenges in the export market. Ms Brander said WA Citrus and Western Citrus Alliance members want greater knowledge about the market for value-added products, the level of investment required to produce them in WA, and what volume is required to make a viable production line.

While the West Midlands Group’s Potato Committee are interested in studying current and future trends in the consumption of potato varieties available on the market to meet the needs of local consumers as well as outside WA. Ms Brander said to learn more about the Northern Valleys Project by attending upcoming events, including Collaboration, Cooperation and Planning and the Northern Valleys Water Resource, Management Forum.

Collaboration, Cooperation and Planning is being organised in conjunction with Chittering Chamber of Commerce and will be held on August 10 at 5:30 PM at the Shire of Gingin Council Chambers. The Northern Valleys Water Resource, Management Forum organised by NRM, will be held September 27 at the Granville Civic Centre in Gingin.

For more information, visit or follow Facebook: @NorthernValleysAP, Instagram: @northernvalleys.agpr and Twitter @NValleysAP and as always you can contact Carolina Brander: carolina.brander@wmgroup.org.au.