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Mavis: A Genuine Heroine!


The owner of Jurien Bay local business Turquoise Art, Caroline Crow Salmon, has just released her first novel titled Mavis: A Genuine Heroine! Inspired by the native birds on her family’s Alta Mare acreage, the book was written for her daughters who were big Batman lovers when little. After them frequently asking about female heroes, and finding it hard to name many, she decided to create one for them. It has taken several years to complete the process of writing and editing then self-publishing to become an Indie author.

The novel is a coming of age story of a young girl with a unique connection with birds who is told by her Grandma on her 13th birthday, that like the female ancestors before her, it is her destiny to develop the abilities of the birds she loves. Grandma reveals that these abilities were given to a descendant back in the 15th Century for her bravery, by an Incan chief whose life she saved when the Spanish Conquistadors were invading and plundering the Inca’s gold. The chief gave her two gifts, one a magical bracelet made of gold and gems, telling her that she and her descendants must always wear it to access the powers, and the other a gold statue that would link them to the Incas. Mavis’s ancestor was sworn to secrecy and so began the story of generations of women fighting evil. With Grandma’s guidance and the help of a cheeky Macaw sidekick called Jervis, Mavis soon has the powers of the birds of the world including flying as fast as a Peregrine falcon at 300kmh, magnifying sound like an owl and mimicking as perfectly as the Superb Lyre Bird to help her, as she begins her adventures!

The novel is available as a print or eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Angus & Robertson, Kmart and other online retailers, at the Jurien Bay CRC or Message Caroline on Facebook@carolinecrowsalmonturquoiseart or Instagram@carolinecrowsalmon and she can post you a copy.

You can WIN one of 3 copies of Mavis by sending in a picture of YOUR favourite bird. Winners notified in the July Edition of NVN!