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Local produce now available by click and collect

Imperial Mandarines
Imperial Mandarines

A new business start-up will offer growers from the Northern Valleys region the opportunity to sell their produce directly to consumers – using an online portal.

Called the Northern Valleys Locavore Store, the business will allow small and large producers to sell direct via their website. An integreated e-commerce system eliminates fiddley cash transactions and enables customers to pay with a credit card or pay pal. 

A central drop-off and collection point in Bindoon with coolrooms and freezers in-situ will streamline the transactions, making it easy for both producers and customers.

Trish Murrell, co-founder of the Locavore Store, said the business was a response to local demand. “As president of the Chittering Chamber of Commerce I was speaking to many frustrated producers who were trying their best to get their product out there, but didn’t have time to man farm gate stalls. At the same time I was hearing from locals and Perth friends who were desperate to get hold of fresh produce from the region. It seemed obvious to put two and two together,” she said.

The Northern Valleys Locavore Store website is up and running at www.nvls.com.au, but is a work in progress. “We are still connecting with producers and hoping to offer more and more products over the next few months,” said Trish. “In the meantime we welcome customers to jump online and buy local mandarins from Redlands Farm, frozen local berries, cheese from the Local Goat and more.

You can check out the Locavore Store at www.nvls.com.au or by liking their facebook page @nvlocavore. Stay tuned for more.