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Gingin beef breeds on show at annual Heifer Competition


A large crowd followed a closely fought Gingin Heifer Competition this year. The competition held on 20 April, featured 104 heifers from 15 of the best breeders in the greater Gingin area.

The day began early with the first pen being judged at 7.30am and the crowd traveling in convoy from farm to farm throughout the day watched the judging take place, finally arriving at the Scout Hall about 5.30pm.

First time entrant, Tim Croot of Koorian, scored impressively to win the commercial section. Mr Croot scored 92 points out of a possible 100 for his pen of four Black Angus heifers.

James Redford, Mogumber Holdings, with 91 points was awarded second place for his Black Angus heifers. Third, on 90 points, was another first time entrant, Edward Grant, with a pen of Red Angus
heifers. Tied for fourth were David Roe of Benalong and, Alan and Greenwell of Bullrush Farms, on 89 points, both with Black Angus heifers.

A new trophy for the best four stud heifer part of the competition was donated this year by Dale and John Jansen of Fernwood Farm. Ms Jansen took out first and second place in the
stud section with her Black Angus.

The lunch time stop gave the large crowd an opportunity to view the 10 heifers recently won in the Farm Weekly competition by Stephen and Selga Beckwith who also hosted lunch, this was generously sponsored by the local Gingin Bendigo Bank represented by Mr Stephen Fidge. The heifers are judged on their suitability as future breeders with points awarded for temperament, structural soundness, femininity, carcass quality and evenness of pen.

Kevin Yost from the Liberty Charolais stud judged the heifers, Mr Yost said, “It was a privilege to be asked to judge the Gingin Heifer Competition which grows from strength to strength each year.”

“It was a tight competition with only four points separating the placegetters in the commercial section. Breeders in the greater Gingin area are to be commended for their efforts to produce top quality beef.

The competition encourages breeders to strive for better animal quality which leads to improved soundness in their breeding stock. This was clearly evident as the competition moved around from farm to farm. Judging was certainly a tough job this year,” he said.

The wind up event was hosted by Gloria and Murray Hyne at the local Gingin Scout Hall. Mr Gifford extended his thanks to the competition entrants, to Gloria and Murray Hyne and
their helpers for making the wind up event such a success, Selga and Stephen Beckwith for hosting lunch and the sponsors, W & J Greenwell, Merial, Bendigo Bank, Gingin Fuel
and Tyres, Zoetis, West Coast Livestock and Primaries of WA, without their very generous support the event would be very difficult to organise Mr Gifford also extended his thanks to Kevin Yost for judging. “It is no easy task to maintain concentration throughout a twelve hour day,” he said.