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Dr Rhys joins the Proactive Health Chiropractic team

Dr Rhys Hartmann

Dr Keith Brown is welcoming a new chiropractor to his Bullsbrook practice this month with Dr Rhys Hartmann joining the team.

“As more locals have discovered the benefits of chiropractic care, the practice has grown. In order to continue to serve our community fully, we need more available hours,” Keith explained. “This has meant I need another energetic chiropractor who is passionate about helping people reach their life potential, and skilled enough to deliver the highest quality of care.”

Dr Rhys is a keen new graduate who has been experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care since childhood.

“I’ve been having chiropractic treatment since I was pretty young and I’ve always found it effective,” he said. “Throughout school I knew I would end up doing something relating to the human body – that’s what my passion was and what I found the most interest in.

“I finished high school and initially studied occupational therapy but decided that wasn’t quite right for me. Chiro popped up on my radar and I thought ‘this is it!’ Five years later here I am.”

Dr Rhys and Dr Keith’s paths crossed at a professional seminar detailing the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique that is employed at Proactive Health Chiropractic. Dr Keith remembers, “I immediately noticed Rhys’s keen mind and his remarkable ability to learn particularly difficult skills.”

The ABC technique, as explained by Advanced Biostructural Correction Australasia, is “A full-body, manual protocol-based adjusting method. ABC focuses on detecting and correcting misalignments that the body cannot self-correct as there is no muscle (or combination of muscles) that can pull in the direction needed. When this occurs our body “twists”, or uses other muscles pulling in other directions, to compensate.

“When correctly applied, ABC practitioners world-wide frequently observe consistent and predictable improvements in postural stability, marked by the ability of the patient’s body to stay more ‘effortlessly upright’. Due to the influence of postural balance on human physiology and function, patients frequently report improvements in other areas, such as pain levels, improved mobility and ease of breathing.”

Rhys says, “I met Dr Keith and he kindly offered to start adjusting me so I could further understand what ABC could provide for a patient. From there, I started observing and shadowing him at the practice and I was lucky enough that he offered me a job.”

“ABC produces consistent and predictable changes in people; it really is an extraordinarily effective technique.
“I became a chiropractor to work on and improve people’s bodies and lives, so doing something that effective makes a lot of sense.

“I’m ready for a large learning curve just out of uni, but I can’t wait to get working as soon as possible and start having a positive effect on people’s lives.”

You can make an appointment to see Dr Rhys or Dr Keith by phoning 9594 6182.