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Bright start to the year at Bullsbrook College


Students returning to Bullsbrook College for the 2019 school year were greeted with wonderous new artwork additions to their campus – in some unlikely places.

The toilet doors in the primary school ablution blocks have been hand painted by Bullsbrook College parent Jessica Batten. The doors depict warm and familiar childhood characters accompanied by inspirational quotes, providing an extra boost of positivity and colour to the student’s day when conducting what is usually an unremarkable task.
Jessica was inspired to lend her talents to a project of this kind after seeing similar ones on social media. She floated the idea with the Bullsbrook College P&C who coincidentally also had the art project on their agenda – a successful collaboration was born.

“The project was brought up by Kim Mogenson, our lively Vice President. It was initially going to be driven to target the high school teens, those that might be struggling day-to-day to help bring some positivity into their lives in some way. We’ve started in the primary area and hope to get the older kids involved with coming up with the quotes that they find inspirational. Positivity breeds positivity!” said Shannon Bennett, P&C member.

“The idea was a very welcome one,” said Bernadette Jones, principal of Bullsbrook College. “We were blown away by the absolutely beautiful final result of Jessica’s creativity and hard work.”

In addition to the original idea Jessica, Kindergarten Education Assistant Christine Falconer, and her granddaughter Ella combined their energies to beautify the paved area in the school’s Kindergarten playground. The results for the youngest members of the school community starting school for the first time were nothing short of beautiful. The artwork is also designed to encourage movement and develop gross motor skills.
The feedback from the school community has been encouraging. “Staff, students and parents are uplifted by such community spirit,” said Bernadette.

Jessica started her working life in a ceramics studio and an art studio owned by her parents. She has ran art classes for children and the elderly and believes strongly in sharing her skills when she can. Jessica said, “A talent is a gift — if you have a gift you should share it! A gift given is a gift to give.”