Brumby’s Ellenbrook have been supplying over 300 loaves per week of unsold bread in an effort to support the local community and tackle food waste.

Collected by Bullsbrook resident Skye Perry, the availability of bread would be publicised via local social media groups and left out for collection by those in need.

“This has been such an amazing positive to come out of COVID-19,” said Skye.

“We have met so many lovely local people and are still helping more than fifty local families make ends meet with these donations.”

It has been a real family affair, with Skye’s daughters even providing a delivery service if anyone was unable to collect themselves.

“My two girls delivered to 14 houses everyday during lockdown and still do the run on their bikes after school now!” said Skye.

“I want to thank Brumby’s Ellenbrook for their generosity. I don’t think a lot of people are aware that it is a small family-owned buisiness and hope people recongise this good deed and pay it forward by visiting them in the future.”

Due to a societal mentality of fresh-is-best, bread is one of the most-wasted food items. OzHarvest founder Ronni Kahn says, “Bread wastage is a global phenomenon. Statistics from the UK show 24 million slices of bread there are wasted every day. It’s horrifying.”

Skye is pleased the initiative has been so successful. She says, “There is something very symbolic about the giving and receiving of bread.”