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Are you searching for a solution to back pain?


Back pain is common. 80% of us will suffer with it at some time.
What solutions are out there?

Panadol is common, as is ibuprofen. Heat packs and ice packs are common. Yoga and other forms of exercise are common. Prayer is common. Surgery and bed rest are less common. Numerous drug therapies are common. Massage and myofascial release are common. Acupuncture and cupping are common. Physio is common. Chiro is common. There are inversion tables, innumerable bed options, strap-on back braces, taping techniques, magnets, lasers, ultrasound, electrical impulses…

Each possible solution has pros and cons. There are so many options, because back pain is complex.

At nyuü chiropractic, we take a lifestyle and whole-body approach to helping our clients with back pain. We assess to discover the most significant pain source — there are so many causes of back pain. For example, a disc injury or arthritis, a fracture. Perhaps muscle strain or even a kidney stone is causing the pain. From our perspective, resolving back pain is rarely a simple matter of treating the pain source. Our next question is, “Why is the pain there?”

We endeavour to discover and address whatever caused or exacerbated the problem in the first place. Referred pain from a kidney stone requires a different solution to a disc injury. A fast-bowler’s low back pain will require a different solution to a mum working away with her toddler on her hip.

In our experience, a great deal of back pain is rooted in compromised body mechanics. Consequently our most frequent treatment approach includes correcting both body alignment and ergonomics for sitting, sleeping, and standing. Movement, nutrition, rest, and even the way you think are all important elements of resolving back pain.

Give us a call. Let us help you find a solution to your back pain.
The nyuü team, Keith, Chris, and Leone.