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WA Nats hail hard-earned victory for Moora community

Moora residential students Sena Lefroy and River Richards and the community meeting held on Monday 27 August

The Nationals WA have circumvented the McGowan Government’s cruel anti-regional agenda to convince the Commonwealth to save Moora Residential College.

Leader Mia Davies said the $8.7 million commitment by the Federal Government ended nine months of uncertainty for students and families concocted by a State Government intent on inflicting maximum damage to regional communities.

“Today is a great day for the people of Moora,” she said. “This is a hard-earned victory for people power that will warm the hearts of every regional West Australian.
Ms Davies hailed the perseverance of the Moora community and of others right across the State which had banded together to fight the McGowan Government’s cruel decision.

“I thank Federal Nationals Leader Michael McCormack for stepping in to provide certainty for students and families that use Moora Residential College in place of the State Government, which has responsibility of the State’s education system,” Ms Davies said.

“The Nationals WA have led the charge to have this cruel decision reversed and I could not be prouder of our small but dedicated team. Our team has told anybody who would listen at both a State and Federal level that the College needs to be saved. Today our efforts have been validated.

“We made a commitment to the people of Moora that we would not rest until this heartless decision was reversed and today we have got the outcome we have been fighting for since just before Christmas last year.”
The Nationals WA team were in Moora just last week meeting and speaking with the community about transforming the town into a regional education hub.

Ms Davies and local MP Shane Love committed to rebuilding the College and starting plans for an integrated education precinct in the town including a K-12 community college and TAFE should The Nationals form government at the next State election.

“We are not backing away from that commitment,” Mr Love said. “For Moora to survive and thrive into the future we need to ensure the town has the highest standard of educational facilities. We intend to follow through on our plans.”

Ms Davies said The Nationals’ focus would remain on reversing Labor’s other
education cuts that remain stained on the Budget papers. She said the party would
push ahead with its plan to amend the State Government’s Foreign Buyers Tax
legislation to reverse all remaining education cuts.

“We will continue the fight for our camp schools and restoring the 20 per cent the
Government plans to strip from the Agricultural Education Farm Provisions Trust,”
she said.

“Our amendment would allow the State Government to reverse millions of dollars’
worth of education cuts, freeze TAFE fees and still pocket a large slice of revenue for
budget repair.