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See the Seven Sisters star cluster


Pleiades is a beautiful open star cluster that’s setting in the western sky after sunset. You may know it more commonly as the Seven Sisters and it’s a prominent feature in the night sky. Throughout history, many cultures around the world all relate to Pleiades being a group of girls or women.

On the 3 and 4 of April, bright Venus meets Pleiades below the constellation of Taurus.

After you find Venus and Pleiades, look above to find a red star called Aldebaran. Aldebaran is commonly referred to as the eye of Taurus, the Bull. Further up is the “Saucepan” in the sky. Can you see the other red coloured star, Betelguese?
When to look: 7 pm, 3 and 4 April. Look north west and low on the horizon.

Something interesting: Pleiades contains over 1,000 stars but we can only see 5 to 7 with our unaided eyes. See how many you can see!
The Japanese car manufacturer Subaru, uses the Pleiades constellation as their emblem. In Japanese, Subaru is the name used when referring to Pleiades. It also means ‘unite’. For more info on Pleiades visit https://astrotourismwa.com.au/april-stars/

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