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Preserve those lemons!


This recipe is based on the traditional Moroccan method of preserving lemons, and the jars make great Christmas presents.
Use the lemons to add flavour to salads, steak, curries or anything!

• Thin-skinned juicy lemons
• Lots of rock salt
• Cardamom pods
• Bay leaves
• Chillies
• Olive oil
• Large jars

Soak the lemons in water for three days, changing the water each day. This removes any bitterness. Using a sharp knife, make 4 deep slits in each lemon almost to the end so that the lemon opens out like a flower. Fill the lemon with rock salt and place into jar. Keep filling the jar with lemons, squashing them down as you go.

Add cardamom pods, bay leaves and chillies to taste. Pour boiling water over contents, seal with olive oil and screw on lid while the water is still hot.

Leave for 40 days in a cool dark place.