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Maxine shares impact of her Blue Tree tattoo with project founder


In May 2022, the NVN featured an article on Bullsbrook resident Maxine Aitken’s unique take on The Blue Tree concept. Maxine has a tattoo of the symbolic shrub on her arm and is walking conversation starter on the important topic of suicide awareness, having walked that tragic path herself.

“My youngest son, Adam, took his own life, two weeks short of his 40th birthday,” Maxine explains.

“Adam was many things to many people — friend, partner, father, brother, son…grandson, uncle, nephew, cousin and best mate. He was loving, kind and funny; the life and soul of the party.”
Maxine recently had the opportunity to meet with founder and CEO of The Blue Tree Project, Kendall Whyte, and to show Kendall her artistic interpretation of the Blue Tree and explain the impact it is having.

“Since I got my tattoo in April 2022, over 20 people — strangers — have asked its relevance and I have been able to speak with them about mental health and suicide awareness,” said Maxine.
Roz Dawson, who has been working in conjunction with The Blue Tree Project through her mental health service Happy Heads, organised for Maxine and Kendall to meet.

“I was so pleased to be able to facilitate these two meeting,” said Roz. “It was great to be able to do something for Maxine – knowing what The Blue Tree Project means to her – as she contributes so much to our community

“Kendall was more than gracious and loved meeting Maxine.”
Maxine says, “What a privilege to meet this inspiring young woman.