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Local mangoes to hit sweet spot in March

Local mango growers Nin Brown, Peter Johnson, David Morcombe and Colin Humphry

Northern Valleys mango growers have worked hard this season to provide mangoes of the highest quality with unique local flavour to be available to enjoy for six weeks from mid-February.

As peak mango season approaches in the region, local producers gathered in Gingin on Friday 11 January at the Mango Field Day to discuss production forecasts, quality, marketing and new challenges.

West Midlands Group’s Northern Valleys Agribusiness Project organised the event which gave growers the opportunity to tour David Morcombe’s Gingin orchard, Ambrosia, where they traded feedback, knowledge and this season’s experiences.

The Mango Field Day was led by renowned mango consultant, Peter Johnson. Producers of the Southern Mango Growers Group (SMANGO) had access to his vast expertise. They went through how to get the best quality fruit through to the ripening process, where temperature plays an important role (should be maintained between 18 to 22 degrees celsius).

“The crop will be lighter this year, and a bit later, therefore it would be a real opportunity for growers to get higher prices for good quality fruit. Also, I have seen great opportunities for collaboration and coordination around the logistics of harvest, packing, even trial ripening at the packhouse and possibly marketing in the future,” said Mr Johnson.

Mango producers are in the production forecasting process which estimates the number of tonnes of mangoes to be marketed through various commercial channels such as supermarkets, fresh markets, as well as interstate.

Northern Valleys mango growers will also host tasting stalls at the upcoming Bindoon Primary School Fete Mango Festival on the Saturday 16 March, so be sure to support our growers and go along to taste the delicious and locally grown produce.

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