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Lewis Motors rakes in the awards


Todd Lewis, of Lewis Motors was thrilled when the family business recently received the GM Holden’s Grand Masters’ award recognising the dealership as one of the top national performers.

Thirty-two dealerships are awarded annually in the incentive scheme, which divides the network into six groups based on sales volume. Todd said it was the first time they had won anything of the kind in 40 years of business and credits the win to a renewed focus on building customer satisfaction and service.

Todd and his wife Raelene received a trip to Thailand and Cambodia as part of the prize, where they celebrated their win with the thirty six other couples representing the national winners. As well as generally enjoying themselves and attending several company functions, Todd and Raelene participated in an ‘Amazing Race’ style competition organised by Holden.

“The trip was amazing from beginning to end,” Todd said. “From the business class tickets which, we were not expecting, to winning the Chairman’s award on top when we were there.”
As part of the trip the couple visited the Sunrise orphanage in Cambodia which receives sponsorship from Holden.

“The company gives bikes and other supplies to the children each year as part of their program,” said Todd. “It was great to be a part of it.”

Holden manufactures their Holden Colorado model car in Thailand and it is part of the company’s commitment to give back to the local community.