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Juicing and raw food


aspag1Wow – these Northern Valley paddocks are looking very green and lush now! Wildflowers are showing off – from those lovely blue leschenaultia to the yellow hibbertias to the red and green roo paws and hundreds more varieties of course.


2 New Trends:
Juicing and Raw Food.
These are your way to show off ! Everybody’s doing it – Juicing! What a great way to get kids and blokes to eat lots of different fresh fruit and veg without them knowing it. Its not that women always do the right thing and eat their required serves of fruit and veg. But, more Mums know its their responsibility to keep the family healthy, so they are normally the Juicing pioneers.

Apparently, cold press juicing machines that are non-centrifugal in construction (with a low r.p.m. that masticates the produce slowly) are the ideal machines to buy. Do your own research, as something apparently as simple as just Juicing has become massive and confusing. Well, it is 2013!

As all Northern Valleys people know, eating fruit and veg in their natural state (not cooking it) provides truckloads of goodness. However, the difference Juicing makes is that you get even more goodness from the masticated produce, as lots of goodness is in the fibre which is – ahem – expelled from your body. But I thought we needed roughage too?

Well, let’s just say – not being medicos – that 250ml of fresh juice daily is very good for you. My customers at Maggie’s Place chuck most fruit and veg into the machine. Apples, pears, bananas and ginger give great flavour with a leaf of kale and other stuff for a green juice. A beetroot with whatever for a red juice is the go. Let’s not get technical. Just make your juice fresh daily with whatever is local and in season and enjoy it.


In Season locally now: Strawberries, mandarins, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, avocados, apples and pears from the coolstores.
Hydroponic tomatoes.
All the Winter veg and leafy greens: broccoli, caulis, cabbages, celery, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, red and green kale; fennel, new garlic (which you shave off to use in little pieces). Parsley has gone berserk and coriander and mint are delicious.

Well, there are 2. Fresh Peas and Local Asparagus. Both are difficult to get, so you’ll be cranky with me, but you have to enjoy them in season – now!

The Swan Valley grows some great asparagus, which is available until early December. Peas only last a few weeks, so badger your local veg seller into getting fresh WA ones for you.