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How does your community garden grow?

Bullsbrook Community Garden Chairperson Tim Batten

Three years after the idea of a communal garden sprouted in his mind, Bullsbrook Community Garden’s Chairperson Tim Batten is seeing his vision, and the hard work of his committee, come to fruition.

“I just had the idea one day — with a bit of inspiration from what they were doing with the garden at Bullsbrook College,” said Tim. “I checked for interest via social media and there was a fair bit of feedback saying ‘Yes please!’

“I called a meeting and formed a committee…lots of planning and organising and here we are. We’ve been very well looked after with donations of seeds, plants from local businesses and individuals.”

On a sunny Sunday morning, members of both the committee and the general public gather to help weed the garden beds, spread mulch and tend to irrigation at the plot on Brearley Street. The tedium that can be experienced carrying out these jobs in your own garden is removed when it is done with a group of happy like-minded individuals – many hands making light work.

Along with the garden itself, the group is starting to harness the expertise of its members and conduct workshops on a range of topics, including permaculture and growing bush foods.

“It’s been inspiring to see it all happen,” says Tim. “It is kind of how I’d imagined, but you still get a spring in your step seeing it unfold.”

Bullsbrook Community Garden is always on the look out for new members, or keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming busy bees, workshops and harvest days. If you’ve been inspired to get a community garden up and running in your area you can find lots of tips online at www.communitygarden.org.au/