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Good, Clean and Fair food for all!


On 10 December the Northern Valleys Locavore Store community joined groups all over the world in celebrating Terra Madre Day 2020! Terra Madre Day marks the anniversary of the global Slow Food organisation, which was founded in 1989 with the aim to preserve local food cultures and traditions, and promote Good, Clean and Fair food for all.

“Good quality, sustainably produced food at a fair price for both the grower and the co-producer (or consumer) is what the Locavore Store is all about, so we were thrilled when the Swan Valley and Eastern Regions Slow Food Group approached us to host this year’s Terra Madre celebration,” said Locavore Store co-founder Tamieka Preston.

“Our store was given the ‘Snail of approval’ by Slow Food exactly one year ago at the 2019 Terra Madre celebration held in the Swan Valley. Our mission to connect people with the food grown in their own region aligns strongly with the Slow Food’s vision. We hope that we are doing our bit to support food biodiversity in our local region – as well as making sure everyone in the Northern Valleys area can enjoy the fabulous food which is grown here.”

The evening was an ideal opportunity for Northern Valleys Locavore Store customers and staff and Swan Valley Slow Food members to gather together and network as well as to meet local growers and food entrepreneurs in person and sample some fabulous produce.

Vincenzo Villetri, Leader of the Swan Valley Slow Food group, welcomed the crowd of over 75 people and spoke about the importance of the Slow Food movement, especially now as we see agricultural diversity being lost through the mass production of food.

“We thank our producers for growing food for us, but we are also co-producers of this food,” said Vincenzo, explaining that the Slow Food philosophy sees the people who buy and eat local food as ‘co-producers’ of food rather than consumers.

“For the production of good quality food, we need co-producers to support the production of our local food – or we will lose it!” he said.

Locavore Store co-founders Trish Murrell and Tamieka Preston with Vincenzo Villetri from Slow Valley Slow Food

Producers at the event included Catherine Lee from Regans Ridge Organic Olives, Deanne Joubert from Northern Valleys Fruit Pops, Noelle and Steve Estermann from Little Creek Pastured Eggs, Maureen and Clive Tonkin from Westways Wildflowers, John Butler from Biblical Fruits and behind the bar, Araluen Hagan from 14K Brewery.

Slow Valley Slow Food members Rosalba Villetri, Greta Magistrelli and Pam Buseliich.

Guests had the opportunity to shop at the store and enjoy a range of samples, including mini-ice pops made by Northern Valleys Fruit Pops and 14k Brewery’s popular range of softies.
Slow Food Swan Valley Leader Vincenzo and his family, Rosalba, Paul and Greta fired up their mobile pizza oven, showcasing a range of local produce all sourced from the Northern Valleys Locavore Store including local lamb and pork, Local Goat cheese, black barley and a beautiful array of local vegetables. Platters made by the Locavore Store featured local fruits, berries nuts and Bindoon Bakehaus sourdough.

Deanne Joubert, Northern Valleys Fruit Pops shows off the delicious mini fruit pops made for the occasion.