Caroline Taylor shared this recipe as part of a pasta-making workshop held at the Northern Valleys Locavore Store this April. It was her grandmother’s recipe, and quite predictably uses old-fashioned staples such as granita biscuits and condensed milk.
It’s not the sort of recipe one needs to make often as it’s absolutely full of sugar, cream and butter (not to mention gluten!) – and is so moreish that it’s almost impossible to have just one slice. It is, however, quite perfect for a special Mother’s Day morning tea, whether you share it with your grandma, your mum, your children or your best friend.

You may also be inspired to bring out the Royal Doulton to serve it, particularly if, like myself, you’ve just watched the latest season of Bridgerton!

It wasn’t difficult to make, but requires a little patience to create the three layers – to save time skip the jelly!


• 600ml whipping cream
• 2 lemons zested and juiced (lemons with seeds work best)
• 250g granita biscuits
• 1 can of condensed milk
• 80g melted butter for biscuit base


– Process biscuits until ground completely and add the melted butter to bind.

– Press biscuit base into small springform cake tin then set aside

– Whip cream until firmish, not over whipped but just before it turns.

– Mix zest, juice and condensed milk thoroughly and set aside for 5 min in the fridge.

– Once it’s a bit thicker in consistency add the lemon mixture to the cream and pour over the biscuit base and set in the fridge overnight.

– For the jelly, I’ve used a cup of frozen raspberries mixed with 250 ml gelatin, but you can use a packet raspberry jelly or – as Caroline suggests as her favourite, a mojito jelly using lime jelly with some fresh mint sliced in, lime rind and a few dashes of white rum!