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Bullsbrook College teachers jingling all the way!


The students of Bullsbrook College received a big surprise at the conclusion of their Christmas concert and book award ceremony with thirteen members of staff breaking into a choreographed dance routine to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.

The mild-mannered teaching staff were temporarily transformed into mild-mannered divas as they incorporated all the hottest dance moves of 2019, including the floss and the dab, and moved deftly through the throngs of students, spreading Christmas cheer.

On the second day of awards the group sang a parody version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, adapted to reflect the common phrases teachers hear during the school year. From such classics as, ‘ I can’t find my pencil’ and ‘I need a wee’ to the seasonally-specific ‘When’s the class party?’ the students found it highly amusing and were enthusiastically joining in by the final round.
Well done to the teaching staff – you are all rock stars!