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Local water park cleans up with renewable energy


Local Bullsbrook business, The Maze, home of Outback Splash has set themselves up to save $10,000 a year off their electricity bills with the installation of a 23kW solar PV system. Designed and installed by Solgen Energy Group, the system is expected to pay for itself in just 2.6 years, with the business looking to install additional systems as they continue to expand their Park.

Turning on their first water attraction in December 2013, the Outback Splash waterslide playground; launching their giant inflatable slide, The Plummet in
September 2016; and officially opening their Octopus Bay kids splash zone in December 2016, they could see that their power consumption and costs were
growing exponentially. “With a number of attractions still on the horizon and the price of electricity only rising it was imperative for us to look at solar, both as a short term fix and a long term strategy,” says Business Development Manager of The Maze, Eli Barlow. Having first spoken with a solar broker, Eli was taken aback by the sheer number of installers and how many different power systems could be implemented. Having now gone through the process he says that it is important to research and choose a quality system with an experienced installer. “Selecting the right system for your business is more in depth than just a dollar quote per kilowatt, there are many different factors that go into calculating a solar PV system. The panels and inverters used, which roof is most suitable, the best angle towards the sun, shading and STCs are only some of these factors. If you don’t trust that your installer is going to give you the right system for your business, I can see how it can be very easy to be persuaded into purchasing a system that may initially seem like a good investment, but might not give you the best possible outcome.”

“It is important when you’re choosing which company to go with to do some research and look at their knowledge, experience and accreditations. When
Solgen approached us, we knew that they were the right choice. They were professional with their offering, yet personalised the whole experience for us
and explained how the system worked and were genuinely interested in helping us to select a quality system, with great returns and a minimum payback period.”

For more information about the installation visit https://solgen.com.au/os_projects/maze-home- outback-splash- 23kw/