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What is the Gardiner Street Arts Collective?


Moora’s latest dynamic community group is the Gardiner Street Arts Collective (GSAC). A not-for-profit group which will strengthen and nourish our community by offering an inclusive, dynamic shared arts space — an umbrella group for creative, artistic and musical pursuits in Moora.

The GSAC purpose is to create a shared arts space, with a paid coordinator (volunteer fatigue needs managing!), adding to regional education, business and enhancing the attractiveness of Moora as a place to live and work.

The GSAC building will be an inclusive, shared space, welcoming all members of the Moora community and beyond. We see GSAC being an organisation which embraces existing groups and provides a home for all.

The potential users of our space include:
• Visiting artists in residence (International Arts Space artist confirmed for September 2020)
• Ballet lessons
• Dance classes from four-year-olds to adult
• Dance workshops through Roxanne’s Dance Workshop
• Mental health and wellbeing through the arts
• Adult and children creative workshops
• Music lessons through the Moora School of Music
• Music workshops with Moora Primary School, St Joseph’s Primary School and Central Midlands Senior High School
• Hosting interactive workshops – Perth Symphony Orchestra holding community engagement ‘jam sessions’ in April at the premises
• Moora arts and craft group
• Creative writing workshops
• Art exhibitions
• Gallery space
• Shop for local art

The GSAC will provide many benefits to the community, including:
• Assist in rebranding Moora as not only a vibrant and successful farming community but one of diverse inclusion and artistic endeavours visible to the outside community.
• Maintain and build upon one of Moora’s beautiful buildings; already imbued with a fine reputation.
• Maintenance of a vibrant streetscape.
• Visitors’ interactaction with the community.
• Tourist attraction as well as casual visitors staying to attend workshops, visit gallery etc.
• Enhances mental health of all ages.
• Upskills community.
• Brings people together.
• Allow future opportunities to link with other communities in an arts trail.