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Shinning the light on Divine Mercy Church


Over the past several years, a beautiful copper-domed Romanesque-style church has been taking shape in the Chittering Valley at Maryville Downs Estate. The church was designed by a local parishioner, Peter Anthes, who generously donated his time and labour for the project. John Glover, a local stonemason from Gingin, is cladding the tilt-up church in beautiful moss rock, which has been gathered by parishioners and others mainly from properties around Mooliabeenee and Wannamal.

Beautiful jarrah church doors are being crafted by local carpenter Nick Ackerman. Nick has also constructed the jarrah pews for the new Church.

Most of the structure is now up and over eighty-percent complete. However, the stonework may take another eighteen months or more to complete. Father Paul hopes to get the interior complete by April 2019 to enable to the church to be used for Sunday worship, and for pilgrimages. An event permit was obtained for a very successful concert in the church on 29 April, titled “An Evening of Elegance”. There were about 445 people in attendance, including musicians and it was an outstanding success! Another similar event is planned for next September, and a luncheon in October. Father Paul says that the fundraising is ongoing, but the completed church will be well worth all the work. It will be a wonderful place of worship for the local parish community, a place of pilgrimage, and a popular place for tourists. Each year a group of pilgrims walking the Camino Salvado stay overnight in the hall adjacent to the Church. Father Paul would like the thank the local community for their support of this project, which will in time become an increasingly important icon in the Valley.