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Here we go again…


Anne Janes, President, Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Association

Back in April 2020, I wrote an article for the NVN, SAT decision looming on proposed Bullsbrook Landfill Site. This was regarding an issue stemming from 2016 whereby WA Timber Supplies P/L made development applications to the City of Swan for two sand/clay pits (Jenkins Road and Hoad Street, Bullsbrook) to become landfill sites. These two proposals would have meant that the amenity, safety and environment of Bullsbrook would be seriously impacted. Excessive truck movements (an extra 160 extra truck movements per day, 6 days per week for 10 years) from Great Northern Highway, through Bullsbrook town, past Bullsbrook College and up the hill along Chittering Road.

The Proponent, having been unanimously refused by City of Swan Council and staff, took the matter to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) as is their right to do so. It was also the right of the Bullsbrook community to say in no uncertain terms that we do not want this to happen in our town.

Local residents enlisted specialist advice and City of Swan, in support of the Council decision, employed a legal team to defend the issue at SAT. BRRA undertook an active campaign to support the objection including a petition which gained 1300 plus signatures. We ran a crowdfunding appeal to assist with legal costs.

Members of the community attended every day of the SAT tribunal and this was noted by Presiding Judge Parry. Bullsbrook was also supported by Jessica Shaw MLA, who hit the ground running when newly elected with this issue. It also affects Chittering Residents at the Jenkins Road site; Shane Love MLA was also supportive.

The SAT deliberations were extremely thorough. Finally in 2020 we received the news that the SAT decision was to refuse the development applications. Woop woop – great decision! The SAT documents are worded very carefully. Clause 231 states, “We conclude that the truck traffic generated by each of the proposed developments, considered and assessed individually, is unacceptable in terms of its impact of traffic safety and convenience and amenity in the Bullsbrook townsite, both presently and also increasingly as its urbanisation and population densification continues over the next decade, incidentally corresponding with the period of operation of the proposed developments.”

So why, “Here we go again!”? WA Timber Supplies P/L have now come back with an “amended” DA309/2021. Amended in as far as the two proposals have been split. Very little else has changed. We are now dealing with the Hoad Street/Chittering Road Landfill site. Halving the proposal will mean 80 extra truck movements per day, six days per week for 10 years. DA309 acknowledges traffic back up on Chittering Road and acknowledges unsafe line of sight at the Hoad Street/Chittering Road crossover and has scant unsatisfactory environmental detail for rehabilitation.

DA309/2021 states this to be a land REHABILITATION site. Make no mistake. The main outcome of this proposal is not to rehabilitate! Rehabilitation will be a requirement once the operation has been completed and there will be a condition that the landfill must be covered and rehabilitated.

This is all about money and the environment will suffer — Bullsbrook residents will suffer! SAT clearly decided that this is an unacceptable proposal and BRRA hopes that you will too.

Complete a submission to the City of Swan to object to DA309 at www.swan.wa.gov.au/Your-Community/Have-your-say-Planning-notices/DA309-21 . Sign the online petition and hard copy out soon and deep up to date on the Bullsbrook Residents and Ratepayers Assoc Inc Facebook Page.

You can also liaise with BRRA reps at their community event on Monday 12 December, 4.30 pm to 7 pm Ethel Warren Community Centre.