Serena Lewis

The Western Australian Cutting Horse Association (WACHA) in Gingin ran a two day show on the 26 and 27 March to raise awareness for Men’s Regional Health, 6B’s and Dolly’s Dream. These causes are close to the club’s heart, as either some of the cutters have suffered lows at some stage in their life, or knew of someone who had tragically taken their life. Our community mattered.

It was an action-packed weekend, with only one quick downpour before the skies cleared for the remainder of the weekend. The lightening glowed in the distance, but it remained clear and warm. As one lady wrote on our club page, “The downpour is an analogy to mental health — when its not all sunshine, its about having your mates close by to help you through those difficult times.” And from Dolly’s Dream, “Speak even if your voice shakes.” Every person and voice matters, we need to support and uplift each other.

We were privileged to have many new sponsors to support WACHA including some over east sponsors such as NCHA president Troy Randell, ANSA Horse Cattle, Phil and Dawn Webb and Redwood Stockhorse. Leon Dilley from Designer Gates donated an Outback Saw design for Men’s Regional Health, and Broome Staircase Designs donated a Pearl Set for Dolly’s Dream with all proceeds going to these wonderful causes.

Ava Lewis, Serena Lewis and Shelli Royans

Local businesses all came forward to support and sponsor WACHA Blue Mental Health Awareness Show and we could not have competed without the local sponsorship of Cullalla Feedlot and Mitchell’s Transport. WACHA is grateful to all the sponsors.
There were some big scores on the weekend with plenty of yee-haws and cheering for our Little Beginner riders up to the Open events.

The highest score went to local Bianca Donald on Bindoon Bonnie Pepto, on a 74 as the mare dug deep, committed to every turn on the cow. The excitement was felt with smiles all round.
The Blue Parade was all giggles and a lot of fun. We had everything from mermaids to characters from the movie Avatar in dress ups all raising awareness for mental health. What an awesome event to be remembered whilst supporting each other raising awareness for these wonderful causes.

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