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Three of Gingin’s best awarded bank scholarships


The Gingin Community Bank® Branch and Lancelin branch Scholarship Committee has selected three outstanding local candidates to receive scholarships for study this year.

The scholarships are awarded to first-time local tertiary students whose financial circumstances might mean that a university degree is out of their reach.

Jasmine Houghton, Bevan Hendon and Taisha McComish each received a scholarship to the value of $5,000 with the possibility of a further $5,000 in their second year of study, helping them cover some of the costs of living and studying at university.
Taisha McComish will be studying a Bachelor of Education at Edith Cowan University, with her long-term goal of returning as a teacher at the Gingin District High School.

“I am extremely appreciative of the scholarship. It’s amazing to have grown up in a close community where grants like this are possible,” Ms McComish said.

“I would take great pride in beginning my career as a teacher at Gingin DHS as it is where my love for school, in particular mathematics, began.
“It’s a relief to be able to start university with the financial security a scholarship provides.”

Bevan Hendon will be studying a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Commerce, also at Edith Cowan University.
“This scholarship means a great deal to me, allowing me to focus solely on university without having to worry as much about common financial struggles that a lot of students’ experience,” Mr Hendon said.

“I know my family is also extremely proud that I was even considered for this scholarship. They are extremely excited for my future.”
Jasmine Houghton will be studying a Bachelor of Master of Professional Engineering at the University of Western Australia.
“Receiving the scholarship makes me feel that all the stress and hard work, and endless hours of study and effort are being rewarded; that my local community values my endeavors and aspirations.

“The scholarship means I will have more time to devote to my chosen field of study and settle into University life, without having to panic about living costs straight away,” Ms Houghton said.

Gingin Districts Community Financial Services Ltd Director, Irene Neville said financial stresses and travel related factors seem to be the biggest barriers for students taking up their place at university.

“The Bank’s scholarship program makes a significant difference to these hard working and talented students by helping them cover some of the costs of living and studying at university.”

“Taisha, Bevan and Jasmine are very deserving of a scholarship and I wish them all the best of luck as they begin an exciting journey toward achieving their academic goals.’’