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The power of positive parenting


Triple P is the parenting program that helps make raising kids easier. It gives you tips and ideas to help raise happy and confident kids; see more of the behaviours you like and less of the ones you don’t; and have better relationships with your family.

Bullsbrook College is proud to be hosting a free, two-hour seminar – Raising Responsible Teenagers – on Wednesday 29 May from 1-3pm. Parents attending this seminar will learn ways to teach and encourage the following skills in teenagers:

• Taking part in family decision making
• Being respectful and considerate
• Getting involved in family activities
• Developing a healthy lifestyle
• Being reliable
• Being assertive

This seminar is for parents or carers of children aged from about 10 to 15 years. Each two-hour seminar includes a presentation, tip sheet plus discussion and question time.

A second seminar – The Power of Positive Parenting – will be held on Wednesday 12 June from 1-3pm at Bullsbrook College. This seminar is for parents or carers with children aged from about 2 to 8 years of age. It introduces parents to the five core principles of positive parenting:

1. Ensuring a safe, engaging environment
2. Creating a positive learning environment
3. Using assertive discipline
4. Having realistic expectations
5. Taking care of yourself as a parent

To register for either of the seminars, please head to www.triplep-parenting.net.au/wa or phone Bullsbrook College on 9571 1220.