Home Environment Spring cleaning pack giveaway from Ecowater Services

Spring cleaning pack giveaway from Ecowater Services


Ecowater Services are giving away 3 packs of Wild Cherry scent Enviroplus cleaning products to Northern Valley News readers including e-Shine bathroom cleaner, e-Flush toilet cleaner and 2 bamboo/cellulose eco-cloths valued at $32.95 to freshen up your loo.

Enviroplus products smell amazing, are effective, concentrated cleaners and actually actively improve the quality of bacteria in your septic system — important for reducing odour. To top it off, they are pet, planet and people safe. Have you got an alternative wastewater treatment system on your property (ATU or AWTS)? Ecowater Services, an accredited provider, services and maintains a growing range of ATU systems including Aquarius, Advantex, Biocycle, Biomax, Biosystems 2000 and Fujiclean.

Regular maintenance of an ATU is not only a legislated Health Department requirement but an essential step in keeping the business end of a septic system running smoothly. Ecowater Services are increasingly finding that their customers want more education and advice about how to get the best out of their system and how they can maximise the benefits of using recycled water on a property.

Phone 08 9248 9440 or learn more at www.ecowaterservices.com.au