Bullsbrook Air Scout Group is looking for more members to keep their vibrant group strong and viable into the future.

Scouts is a unique extracurricular activity – with global membership of nearly 40 million, it is a progressive program that encourages growth through adventure. From craft to camping, meteorology to music there really is something for everyone!

Bullsbrook Air Scout Group’s Cub Leader, Hannah Simpson said, “It’s a really inclusive, accepting environment. The kids get a quality social engagement that I think is missing in a lot of activities these days.

“You get a taste of everything! The special interest badges span a whole variety of areas – any child can come in and achieve based on what they want to improve at.

“It’s not about figuring out what you are good at and then trying to be better at that – it’s really rounded. There’s no competition against others – it’s about self-improvement.”

With community connection a big element of Scouts, Hannah is hoping to not only bring more children to the group, but adult volunteers as well. And there are plenty of varied opportunities to help out.

“Of course, we would love people who want to do their training and come on as a leader,” said Hannah, “But we just as much need parent helpers who just want to help out.

“We even have roles for people who may not want to interact with kids at all – such as a store person, or someone who can donate time for sausage sizzles – or even the sausages!” she laughs.

“If someone has an interest in something and they would like to come and do a session with the kids sharing that skill, that would be amazing.

“Or perhaps you have a property we can go and camp on? Anything helps!”

There are many documented benefits to volunteering, including increased self-esteem and confidence, reductions in stress and loneliness, and a sense of achievement and purpose.

Hannah says, “I purely got into volunteering at Scouts because I wanted the group to remain strong for my youngest child to be able to move through it in its entirety.

“I benefited from being a Girl Guide and I’ve seen my kids benefit from being in Scouts. The confidence they get from it is wonderful – and there is a real sense of belonging and community.”

Bullsbrook Air Scout group currently caters for kids 5-15 years of age. The group meets Thursdays at Pickett Park Hall, Joeys 5.30 – 6.30pm, Cubs 5.30 – 7.00pm and Scouts 5:30 – 7:30pm.

For more information you can follow their Facebook page @ @BullsbrookAirScouts or email