Hooray! The October school holidays are finally here, so with the kids home we’ve put together a collection of easy space science activities that are heaps of fun and use everyday items you have at home.

And for at home holiday stargazing, it doesn’t get any better than this, with the two biggest planets in the solar system coming to your skies for some spectacular views.

Over two dazzling nights, Saturn and Jupiter will be easy to find in the night sky when they are joined by the Moon. On October 14, head outside after sunset to see the Moon just 4 degrees from Saturn. On the following night, Jupiter takes its turn, with the Moon right next to the gas giant and both shining up a storm!

Something Interesting: Jupiter’s secrets are slowly being unlocked with one of NASA’s exciting space missions. Juno is a space probe orbiting the planet and it has discovered clusters of Earth-size storms at the poles, super-charged auroras, lightening in Jupiter’s clouds and water at the equator.

You can hitch a ride on Juno to find out exactly where it is right now and details of its latest missions by visiting NASA’s Juno Mission page online.

Enjoy the holidays and nature’s amazing astronomical groupings in the night sky.

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